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Tibetan Reflexology

Tibetan Reflexology is a combination of manual techniques from Tibet, Japan, China and Vietnam.


The combination of techniques was developed by Lone Sorensen after 30 years experience in Facial Reflexology. These techniques are ideal in treating clients with pain in the:

  • Back

  • Head

  • Shoulders

  • Arms

  • Forearms

  • Hips

  • Knees​

As well as diseases of the:

  • Internal Organs

  • Hormonal System

  • Cranial Nerves

  • Brain Function

The stimulation of these points carries the nerve impulse through the nerve pathways via the autonomic nervous system reaching all body tissues.

Gift certificates, gift baskets and reflexology parties are also available.

Tibetan theory states that all life energy is found within the cerebrospinal fluid

which relates to the entire central nervous system and spinal cord.

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