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About Meg

In the late 90’s, I became intrigued with the concept of this ancient practice of reflexology.

After reading dozens of articles about the science and evidence based research regarding reflexology, I decided to enroll in The National Academy of Massage Therapy and Health Sciences in Kulpsville PA.


I am a mother of five children, two of which have been Type 1 diabetics as babies. A great deal of

Meg Portrait-MSH_DSC_2857.png

information I’ve researched on supporting those with diabetes recommended reflexology to improve blood circulation, enhance nerve function, reduce stress and promote lymphatic drainage. I’ve always been committed in helping my children to stave off the long term complications of diabetes and I felt compelled to master this skill to support them.

My mission is to provide my clients with the most effective, compassionate level of care to meet their needs. With each session I enjoy teaching simple techniques to help my clients manage their symptoms. Reflexology is a complementary holistic practice, it’s not meant to replace medical advice or treatment, only as an adjunct therapy.

Certification in foot and hand reflexology in 2008

Received at the National Academy of Massage Therapy and Health Sciences. A few years later went on to receive several certifications:

  • International School of Reflexology with Lone Sorensen

  • Lymphatic drainage with Sally Kay

  • Gentle reflexology with Sue Ricks

  • Structural Reflexology with Geraldine Villeneuve

  • Maternity Reflexology with Moshe Kruchik.

Structural Reflexology: class taken Sept 2022

A specialized sequence of techniques designed to reduce tension in the muscles and ligaments of the feet and ankles, re-training the muscles of the plantar side of the feet to correct misalignments of the toes and metatarsals. Analyzing the clients gait to determine where the majority of the body’s weight is being distributed. Measuring the clients feet with a Brannock measuring device is offered as an assessment tool to assure that the correct size shoe is being worn. 

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